You are a work of art.


Hi! Excuse my current About Me photo, I was trying to make a face to match Piff the Magic Dragon as I held Mr. Piffles!


As you may already gather, I'm not your average photographer. On the side, I perform comedy and magic. I just love to have fun and laugh together.


Before I was a photographer? I did a lot of things! I was a communications specialist in the Army, got my EMT license, worked a lot of odd jobs, and ended up as a funeral director. Working in the funeral industry was amazing. I loved being able to make a difference to these families in their times of need. So why did I leave? I saw just how short life is and chose to do something to add beauty and art to this world that is so often ugly.


You may notice I do photography in Denver, Colorado, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. I know these seem completely random, but for me, both are home. Ever since I was a baby, my parents lived in different states. Almost weekly I'd travel between Denver and Las Vegas. Both are home to me, and I still choose to travel between the two!


I love art and am building artwork pieces that don't contain people, so keep an eye out at our collections.


If you want to see more about me, my projects, my comedy and magic, feel free to check out my YouTube page.


And wish me luck as I audition for 2017 America's Got Talent in Las Vegas this year!