Bunny, Ducks, and Photography... Oh My!

May 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Brytnie's Pet Pinups are all about the animals, and we never know what animals they may be! This week, we were lucky to shoot with Anjy's small "farm", a lop-eared rabbit and a couple of ducks!

So what's it like to shoot with these critters? A lot of fun and quite the challenge! Pet pinups take on average 20-30 minutes to get the photos. They are preplanned, quick, and usually go smoothly to get the perfect shot. It's all about timing and hoping to catch that photo before they move. I learned something about ducks this week... they never don't move. And the rabbit? She moves whenever the camera is pointed at her then the minute you step away? She freezes exactly where you wanted her.

We started with the ducks! Getting them into a position to even take a photo was the first challenge. I walk out there ready to meet and greet and to put them in a basket. I now believe that ducks have magnets in them, and that so do I. Our magnets were opposites and we were required to have that minimum distance between us. I'd walk up to the ducks and they'd walk away... at the same speed I walked, we always had that magic distance between us. Luckily they did go into the basket for a total of 30 seconds so we could get that photo. The pool was another story. They never quite got the shot we wanted, but we did get a couple beautiful photos of the couple!

Oh, and if you were wondering? Ducks don't like bow ties.

Next was the bunny. The shot planned was simple, just her in the basket. Rabbits never stop moving! Just as I'd think we got the shot of her, I'd look in my camera and the photo I'd have would be of her flying out of the basket. Over and over. I did get a lot of cute photos of her around the basket. It started sprinkling rain and we decided to call it an end, so of course I stood up, put my lens cap on, and started to leave when she got into the basket and froze... just like we wanted! I quickly dropped back down to get the photo, and before I hit the shutter button, she was out of the basket and standing on my back!

It was a nice try and a lot of fun! Thank you Anjy for this opportunity! 

Brytnie Ann Photography can't wait to see what critter we shoot next!


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