Puppies and More Puppies

May 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2 parents and 7 puppies at a park. These little guys were adorable! I've done photos of lots of dogs already, but this is my first time with a litter and they were sure a bigger challenge, but a super fun one!

First we did each puppy alone. They had a playpen with them, so would just remove one at a time. Usually we'd put the puppy down, then the puppy would get their photos taken quickly as they ran to my lens to put their noses all over it! Once we went into a group, I'd work on the getting photos of the group as quickly as I could while the puppies played, climbed on me, and chewed my camera strap.

It was a challenge to get the photos, but they were all so cute that all I wanted was to take one home!


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