Luke & Scott (and Steuben!) - an amazing couple with an amazing story!

July 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Scott, Luke, and their dog Steuben! Luke & Scott have been together now for 9 years - Steuben was added to the family just a couple of years ago. Their photos truly turned out to be the photos of a family. The love and care for all of them was evident. I feel blessed to have met these men and gotten to do their photos.

Here are some fun facts about the trio and their photoshoot!

* The couple has Bert & Ernie dolls that they use to make their family and friends laugh!
* They made me laugh when climbing into the tree for their photos!
* They met at Hamburger Mary's... and chose to just be friends! (As you can see, that didn't work)
* Scott says that Luke has a beautiful nature and remains one of the strongest people he knows through hard times (From meeting Luke, this is incredibly easy to believe - you can just sense it from him)
* Luke says Scott created one of the most memorable wedding ceremonies! It took place at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret and was complete with burlesque performers, aerial artists, a comedian host, and a minister (I wish I'd seen this!)
* Scott loves that Luke is consistently kind, considerate and giving to all those around him
* Luke loves that Scott faces his fears and challenges old ways of thinking
* Steuben was luckily saved from a kill shelter and brought to Max Fund where although nobody wanted him, Luke & Scott decided they could take care of this pup.
* Steuben lost a leg when he was found, but he handles himself beautifully!
* This photo shoot took place at Union Station (where it was way too hot!) and Cheesman Park, climbing trees and playing around!


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