365 Days of Tsum Tsum - January 1 - We're Having Lunch

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First of all, I'm so excited to finally start the 365 Days of Tsum Tsum photography! Join us as we reveal a new photo every day of 2017. 

On the first of every month, a new Tsum photo based on a famous historical photo will be released. With each of these photos, a brief history behind the original photo will be told as well. When you buy one of our prints here, you also receive a Certificate of Authenticity that shares this story. All of our Tsum Tsum photos are limited edition and each copy is signed and numbered.

Are you ready for the first photo? We know we are, so here you go!! Scroll past the photo to read the history.


We're Having Lunch

"We're Having Lunch" is based on the iconic photo, "Lunch atop a Skyscraper." This original photo was taken of 11 ironworkers on September 20, 1932, in Manhattan, New York. This photo, over 80 years old, is still shrouded in mystery. It's mystery is a large part of the photo's appeal, causing many paradies.

This famous lunch was a publicity stunt. A photographer was building interest in completion of the RCA building in Rockefeller Center. To help this interest, the ironworkers played on the girders and for this photograph, staged having lunch. The photo catches the eye with the city lying 850 feet below these men. The camera's eye didn't show that a finished floor was likely only a few feet away.

Speculation arose that this photograph was not only staged, but also faked. To the relief of many, this famous photo is indeed a real photograph. The remaining mystery involves the people involved in the photo. There are three potential photographers, and only two of the 11 ironworkers have currently been identified.

The magic of the photo lies within the moment, not the answers.


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