365 Days of Tsum Tsum - January 5 - We're Eating Ourselves

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Join us as we reveal a new photo every day of 2017. 

On the fifth of every month, a new Tsum photo based on a mental illness will be released. With each of these photos, a brief description of the illness will be told as well. When you buy one of our prints here, you also receive a Certificate of Authenticity that shares this story. All of our Tsum Tsum photos are limited edition and each copy is signed and numbered.

Are you ready for the photo? We know we are, so here you go!! Scroll past the photo to read the story.


We're Eating Ourselves

"We're Eating Ourselves" is based off the mental illness, autophagia. Autophagia is the mental illness that causes one to chew or eat their own body parts.

Autophagia is more common than you may think. In it's mild form, it causes a person to bite their lips or nails. It's caused by the natural instinct to remove dead cells from the body. This disorder can become extreme as well, causing self-injury and mutilation. In the severe form, most commonly the fingers are chewed. The reason for the extreme cases is unknown. Some believe it's an extreme form of OCD. Others believe it's a variation of pica. Others think it's a level of its own, caused by malnutrition and psychological distress. For elderly patients developing this disorder, it may even be a way to feel something as their senses deteriorate.

One of the severe cases was a 66-year-old man who'd been severely biting, losing the terminal phalanges of all his fingers. He continued this behavior for 6 years. For him, the disorder was caused by severe diabetic neuropathy, impulsivity, and social isolation.

Autophagia takes cannibalism to a whole new level.


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