365 Days of Tsum Tsum - January 6 - We're Saying Her Name

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Join us as we reveal a new photo every day of 2017. 

On the sixth of every month, a new Tsum photo based on an urban legend will be released. With each of these photos, a brief story behind the legend will be told as well. When you buy one of our prints here, you also receive a Certificate of Authenticity that shares this story. All of our Tsum Tsum photos are limited edition and each copy is signed and numbered.

Are you ready for the photo? We know we are, so here you go!! Scroll past the photo to read the story.


We're Saying Her Name

"We're Saying Her Name" is based off the urban legend of Bloody Mary. Legend says that if you go into a room with a mirror and make it pitch black, spin around three times slowly saying, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." After the third time, she will appear in the mirror. Many are dared as a child to do just this. Personally, I remember even having nightmares about Bloody Mary.

These are many different theories as to who Bloody Mary is. The most popular seems to be that she was based off of Mary Tudor. Mary Tudor was the daughter of King Henry VIII. At the age of 37, Mary Tudor became Queen of England herself. She was a brutal queen, and known for burning people at the stake over religious differences. The blood she shed caused her to have the nickname, Bloody Mary. People exaggerated the stories to the point of saying she bathed in the blood of young girls to try and stay young.

The part of her being in the mirror is said to be due to her vanity. Her obsession with her reflection causes her soul to be trapped in mirrors.

As for the twist about saying, "I stole your baby, Bloody Mary" to find her in your mirror. Mary Tudor was believed to be pregnant for an entire nine months. At this point, no baby was born and it turned out to be a ghost pregnancy.            

So is the legend true? Try if you dare.


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