Photo Project Updates! January 16, 2016

January 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

Things have been crazy at Brytnie Ann Photography!

I hope you've been enjoying our 365 Days of Tsum Tsum project! With over a week done, we feel like we've gained a start, but have so much more to go!

Each photo takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete, some of them up to 6! So many steps go into every photo. I thought I'd share the steps of 365 Days of Tsum Tsum, so you can see what really goes on behind the scenes.


Step 1: Create the themes & ideas
Prior to 2017, I had to create the project. I literally have a spreadsheet with all 365 days of the year divided out by month. First, I created themes for each day of the month. I tried my best to mix it up between lighter and darker themes. Then I went and created a minimum of 12 sub-themes to each theme. The ones that have more sub-themes than days got mixed in so throughout the year you'll receive some days with bonus photos!

What's this mean? This step is complete. As of now I can tell you what the photo will be from now until December 31. Slight changes may be made and it has already changed a tad as life changes.


Step 2: What do we want the photo to say?
So the theme is picked, but that doesn't tell me much about the photo for many of them. Some are easy. For example, when completing "We're Having Lunch," I knew I was copying "Lunch atop a Skyscraper." There was little creative thinking.

But what about ones like "We're Saying Her Name" with Bloody Mary? That could have gone many ways. I had to decide what I wanted the photo to be and how to portray the subject of the photo.


Step 3: Who's the star?
Believe it or not, each photo has a lot of thought put into who is going to star in the photo. I knew I wanted to start the year with the classics, so "We're Having Lunch" was mostly Mickey & Friends, with a few extras. When I watched the video for "Handclap" by Fitz & the Tantrums for the 20th time, I really noticed that they were all blue. To me, it seemed fitting to have Genie (also blue) be in the photo duplicated. It's something I could have pictured Genie doing in Aladdin. For "We're Saying Her Name," I knew I needed a villain in a mirror as Bloody Mary. I chose the Alice in Wonderland theme due to Alice Through the Looking Glass and that I've always pictured the Queen of Hearts as a pretty bloody villain. After all, what's she using to paint those roses red... and she's the queen of the organ that squirts blood through the body. It felt like a natural fit.


Step 4: Setting up the photo
After I've decided who's in the photo and what it will be, I take photos of any of the Tsums that will be in the photo and any other props that I have. In very few cases, do I actually shoot it in one piece. "We're Having Lunch" is the only photo so far with the photo background that I had behind them in the photo. Even for that photo it was done in so many layers. I took photos of the backdrop, and then photos of the Tsums on their makeshift girder. I didn't want their tags showing and knew I'd have to later composite the photo together.


Step 5: Putting the photo together
After all the pieces have been created, they all go into photo shop. It's done in so many pieces, I take a background and perfect it. From there, I add my main focus. Then I add in characters one by one. In the end, each photo is probably 20-50 layers. "We're Clapping" was done with 16 layers of Genie alone. Eight were him, and eight were his reflections in the floor.


Step 6: Certificate of Authenticity
Once the photo is complete, the last step is the certificate of authenticity. I go through and re-research whatever the photo topic is so I can write a short clip about the history behind the photo. I absolutely love history and that's a major part of my project.


Once all these steps are done, the photos go into a queue to be posted online for everyone to see! I hope you enjoy them!


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