Boudoir Questionnaire

First of all, I want to thank you for choosing Brytnie Ann Photography. Here, we specialize in making every shoot personal and something special you’ll cherish forever. In order to help do this, please answer the following questions. Also, if you’ve seen any photos that you must have, please feel free to send me a copy! Those and this form can be emailed to

First and Last Name:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
(Note: All boudoir clients must be 18 years or older)

1. What makes you feel pretty?
2. Have you ever posed for professional portraits before?
3. What style of hair and makeup do you prefer?
4. Are you doing hair and makeup on your own, or would you like artist recommendations?
5. What music artists do you like? List your top 3.
6. What is your favorite color?
7. Would you like to meet beforehand?
8. Is there a specific date you need your shoot on or your products by?
9. Why are you getting these shots done? Yourself, Just for fun, Significant Other, Wedding…
10. Where would you like to have your shoot done? Boudoir shoots are often done in the privacy of your own home, friend’s home, hotel room, studio, or outdoors.
11. What type of images would you like from your boudoir session? This could include lingerie, classic, illusion of nudity, artistic nudity, maternity, pin-up, erotic, or a combination of multiple options.
12. What style of images would you like to achieve from your boudoir session? 
This can include athletic, chic, classic, dorky, dramatic, dreamy, edgy, elegant, fun, laid back, modern, quirky, relaxed, romantic, rustic, silly, simple, traditional, urban, vintage, whimsical
13. What, if any, themes and ideas do you have in mind for your shoot?
14. Do you have any props and clothing you’d like to use? Some ideas for this include favorite shoes, hats, coats, stockings, shirts, lingerie, his shirts/jerseys, flowers, wine glasses, jewelry… just to name a few! Try to create 5 outfits.
15. What do you feel are your best features?
16. If for a significant other, what does your significant other think are your best features?
17. Are there any areas of your body you’d like to have concealed, or de-emphasized?
18. If for yourself, what are some special moments to you, moments that have helped make you who you are? This can help create ideas for unique props
19. If for your significant other, what are some special moments between you and your significant other? This can help create ideas for unique props that will mean something special for you two.
20. Are there any specific products you know you want to showcase your photos? Examples are bedside table books, photo boxes, canvas wall art, mini photo album… again just naming a few!
21. Anything else you’d like to know or would like me to know?
22. Lastly, how did you hear about Brytnie Ann Photography?


Thank you again and I can’t wait to work with you!