• I'm interested in setting up a photo shoot, where do I get started?

    Getting started with your pet session at Brytnie Ann Photography is easy! Fill out our Pet Pinup Photo Questionnaire PDF. It has a lot of questions, but once you get that filled out and email us, you've made the biggest step!

    Not quite ready to fill out all those questions? That's ok! You can contact Brytnie by email or phone (720.808.7704). We can discuss more through these, or meet up for coffee or even an afternoon in the park with your loved critter!

  • I see you specialize in themed pet pinups, do the photo shoots have to be themed?

    Of course not! Brytnie Ann Photography does pet nudes as well! Just the pet in the environment they love the most, capturing their individual personality. Our photo shoots are meant to be special to YOU, whatever that may be!

  • I don't need a fully custom photo session, are there any other options?

    Yes! We always have mini sessions available! Check our Mini Sessions to see what's coming up next!

  • Can I include additional pets?

    Yes! We charge $50 per additional pet. For themes, additional props are included, you can do some adorable multiple pet shoots!

  • Can people be in the photos too?

    Yes! Your pet's photo shoot will be primarily photos of your pet, but we can definitely include people as well! Capturing the bond between you and your pet is wonderful! Talk to me about the number of people interested to help plan the shoot of your dreams.

  • What is the best time of day to schedule a session?

    Most of my outdoor sessions are scheduled in the late afternoons/early evenings to capture some great soft lighting! For indoor shoots, we can schedule any time of the day.

  • What happens during the session?

    On the day of your session, I will arrive 15 minutes ahead of our start time to make sure everything is ready. I recommend you exercise your pet for about 30 minutes prior to our session to release some of their energy and excitement. I will spend some time getting to know your pet and allowing them to warm up to the camera. Sessions are usually between 1-2 hours. For more information, check out The Pet Pinup Experience!

  • What if my pet won't sit still?

    That's perfectly fine! We are here to capture their personality. Have a pet that has crazy energy? Let's set them up to shoot in your backyard or at a park and catch them running and playing!

    Often, the pet wears themselves out and after this, if you want to capture a specific shot where the pet does sit still, they will do it... sometimes with a bribe!

  • Can my pet stay on a leash?

    Yes! Safety is my primary concern. With cats & dogs of my own I now how important leashes can be! With the wonderful world of photo editing, leashes are removed in the final photo.

  • What are my location choices?

    We can shoot in your backyard, at your pet's favorite place to play, in the studio, or even (for the case of hamsters) locked in a bathroom or small room where they can't escape!

    In reality, the answer to this question is anywhere you and your pet are comfortable!

  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes! Photos are an amazing lasting gift. Send me an email with any gift certificate requests. You will receive a personalized gift certificate with the any amount you request. I keep track of all my gift certificates numbers so if it gets lost, I can easily track if it's been used and re-issue the certificate!

  • When can I see my photos?

    For full sessions, when you book your shoot, we will also book a post-shoot consultation about 14 days after. On this date, we will meet and have a Viewing and Ordering Session where you will get to view all of the photos and choose the products that best suit you! This is also how we conduct our cluster specialty session.

    For our mini and specialty sessions (except for our cluster specialty), you will receive 3-5 photos to choose to have edited through a link on our web page. Once you choose which photo(s) you like, they will be edited and ready to finalize a week later.

  • Do you sell digital photos?

    Yes, digital photos are available. However, my collections are built around beautiful wall galleries and prints that you can share with family and friends. I love seeing the images come off the computer and proudly displayed!

  • Do you require a deposit?

    Yes. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book your photo shoot and hold the date. As soon as we choose a day and time, I will send an invoice with the amount due. I will hold the time slot for 48 hours to give some time to pay the down payment. Once the 50% is paid, your date is held! Remainder is due one month prior to the photo shoot. Most of my clients pay the entire fee at once to get it out of the way and not have to worry about it!

  • Do I need to sign a contract?

    Yes. My contract outlines my services I will be providing you as well as my rights to the images. I also have a pricing contract that details all costs involved. These must be signed prior to the start of your session. I can email them to you ahead of time which you can sign and return, or you can sign day of on my tablet and have the signed copy emailed to you.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    I understand that life happens! Your 50% deposit is non-refundable, but with 24 hours notice, we can use that deposit towards a reschedule date.

  • What if the weather isn't cooperating?

    I will keep touch with you as your photo shoot date gets closer. Should the weather look like it's going to be bad, we can reschedule with no extra fees! I know how moody weather can be!

  • Will you travel?

    My session fees include the Denver, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada, metro areas. Why these two places? Ever since I was a baby I've traveled between the two locations and still consider both to be home! I love to travel though and can definitely do sessions outside of these areas! Contact me about specific travel available and fees.