Engagement Questionnaire

First of all, I want to thank you for choosing Brytnie Ann Photography. Here, we specialize in making every shoot personal and something special you’ll cherish forever. In order to help do this, please answer the following questions. Also, if you’ve seen any photos that you must have, please feel free to send me a copy! Those and this form can be emailed to BrytnieAnnPhotography@gmail.com

First and Last Name (Bride):
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:

First and Last Name (Groom):
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:

Your Wedding:
Contact cell phone number on the day of the wedding:
Bride's Preparation Location (when and where):
Additional Location(s) (for formal photos, etc.):

Schedule of Events:
Arrival Time for Photographer(s):
Time for Departure to Ceremony:
Arrival Time at Ceremony Location:
Ceremony Start:
Ceremony Finish:
Receiving Line?
Time for Departure from Ceremony Location:
Arrival Time at Reception Location:
Time(s) for Formal Group Photos:
30 minutes for portraits of Bride and Groom alone:
Travel Time to and from any additional locations:
Reception Start:
Reception Finish:
Photography End Time:

Key Names:
Maid of Honor:
Best Man:
Flower Girl:
Ring Bearer:
Mother of the Bride:
Mother of the Groom:
Father of the Bride:
Father of the Groom:
Other important family and friends:

More Questions:
1. Would you like to meet beforehand
2. How many guests are you expecting?
3. How did you two meet?
4. How long have you been together?
5. What was your first date and what did you do?
6. How did he/she propose?
7. What are your favorite things to do together?
8. Tell me a funny, romantic, or touching story about your relationship.
9. What careers do you have?
10. Bride, what do you love the most about him?
11. Groom, what do you love the most about her?
12. What style of images would you like to achieve from your session? This can include athletic, chic, classic, dorky, dramatic, dreamy, edgy, elegant, fun, laid back, modern, quirky, relaxed, romantic, rustic, silly, simple, traditional, urban, vintage, whimsical
13. What, if any, themes and ideas do you have in mind?
14. Do you have any props you'd like to use? These can be themed, from your wedding, or something that's a special moment between you two.
15. What type of ceremony will the wedding be: (religious, formal, informal?)
16. What setting will the ceremony be in: (chapel, cathedral, temple, reception hall, outdoors, tent, other)
17. Are there any photography restrictions at the ceremony?
18. How do you want your wedding to be shot? (formal - staged, informal - reportage, mix of both)
19. When do you want group family photos taken? (before the ceremony, after the ceremony, at reception)
20. Where do you want group family photos taken?
21. Do you require the group shots of all the guests? If yes, where is the best place?
22. Do you want an intimate session of the two of you? This is a session half-hour away from the guests. If yes, where would you like this?
23. Will the men be doing an activity prior to getting ready? Please give details
24. Will the women be doing an activity prior to getting ready? Please give details
25. Will there be an exchange of cards/gifts between you and your partner prior to the ceremony? If yes, please provide when, where, and who will be presenting
26. Is there anything important or out-of-the-ordinary we should know about your pre-wedding plans?
27. Will you be doing a Faux Grand Exit post-ceremony? Include details (bubbles, bird seed, getaway vehicle)
28. Are there any specific products you know you want to showcase your photos?
29. Anything else you'd like to know or would like me to know?

Some Photography Ideas: Please tell and share some others with me! Put yes or no to these shots!
1. Bride's gown and shoes
2. Candid shots of the bride and her maids getting ready
3. Bride heading to the ceremony site
4. Best man with rings
5. Candid shots of the groom and groomsmen getting ready
6. Groom heading to the ceremony site

7. Exterior and interior of the ceremony site
8. Guests arriving
9. Bridal party arriving
10. Bride and her father just before walking down the aisle
11. Musicians performing
12. Processional and recessional
13. Bride and her father (or escort) walking down the aisle
14. Groom reacting to bride walking down the aisle
15. Father giving the bride away
16. Wide shot of the altar/chuppah
17. Bride and groom reciting their vows
18. Bride and groom exchanging rings
19. The couple's first kiss
20. Bride and groom being introduced to their guests as a married couple
21. Bride and groom exiting their ceremony site
22. Receiving line
23. Bride and groom in their getaway car

24. Bride and groom, each alone
25. Bride and groom together
26. Bride and groom with wedding party
27. Bride with her family
28. Groom with his family
29. Bride and groom with bride's family
30. Bride and groom with groom's family
31. Both families together
32. Bride with her mother
33. Groom with his father
34. Flower girl and ring bearers with bride and groom

35. Exterior and interior shots of the reception site
36. Table settings
37. Menu, escort, and table cards
38. Guests signing the book
39. Food stations and bar setup during cocktail hour
40. Wedding-party entrances
41. Toasts and blessing (if applicable)
42. Father-daughter dance
43. Mother-son dance
44. Bride and groom cutting the cake
45. Band or DJ
46. Guests dancing
47. Bouquet and garter toss
48. Anniversary dance
49. Candid shots throughout the night
50. Close-ups
51. Bridal bouquet
52. Boutonier
53. Details on the bride's gown
54. Details on the groom's attire (such as cuff links)
55. Jewelry
56. Ceremony programs
57. Centerpieces
58. Wedding cake
59. Favours

For Brytnie's Blog
1. Link to your wedding day inspiration board (pinterest) or your wedding website
2. Describe your wedding day style in one sentence
3. Wedding day color scheme
4. Describe your wedding planning process up until now
5. Tips you could pass on to other brides in the planning process?
6. Anything you would have done differently?
7. Most memorable moment during the planning process
8. Where did you get your dress?
9. Name of your hair & makeup artists?
10. Who did your flowers?
11. Who was your band or DJ?
12. Name of your caterer?
13. Name of your wedding planner / coordinator?
14. Name of your decorator?
15. Name of your videographer?
16. Name of your photo booth?
17. Who created your cake?
18. Any other vendors that were part of your wedding day

Lastly, how did you hear about Brytnie Ann Photography?

Thank you and I can't wait to work with you!