We make every maternity photo session something to remember, and have lots of fun doing it!

Prior to your photo session, we will meet for an ice breaker. Through this meeting, we will get comfortable with each other, and really get to know what your expectations from the photo shoot are. This pre-consultations may seem unnecessary, but they make such a huge impact! The day of your session will go so much smoother. I try to do these 2 weeks prior to the photo session to provide me plenty of time to have everything custom and ready for you! they must be done at least 1 week prior to your session.

When you arrive, everything will be ready for you. Props and sets will be done. You'll have an area to primp and get ready, and there will be treats available! When you come to our photo shoot, we make you feel right at home. If you signed up for our pampering addition, be ready to relax as you have your hair, makeup, and even nails done.

And after the shoot? I have a special gift for you!

We believe that every one is a work of art. Every package we offer includes printed products to proudly display. Since we know you want to show off your art to all your friends, social media sized digital files are included as well.

Two weeks after your session, we will have time scheduled to meet and go over your photos, choosing your favorites to showcase!

This may sound like a lot, but we limit our photo sessions so that we can make yours extra special!





As you may notice, our photo session options are no longer in tiers. We pride ourselves in only providing premium services. You are a work of art. Any package you choose will bring art to life. To help showcase this, we've renamed all of our packages based from movies, just for a bit of fun! So, read through our packages and choose the art that best fits you! For more details about the packages, just click the package name!

DUE DATE - 30-minute photo session sampler. Announce your baby's gender! Pose with shoes, ribbons, balloons, blocks, and a teddy bear for an adorable announcement. Receive one (1) 8x10" fine art print, as well as three (3) social media sized digital copies.

JUNO - 1-hour photo session. Receive an album block or box with ten (10) photo mounts, as well as 10-20 social media sized digital copies.

BABY MAMA - 1-hour photo session. Receive one (1) 16x20" wall art piece, as well as five (5) social media sized digital copies.

KNOCKED UP - 1-hour photo session. Receive three (3) 20x30" wall art pieces, individually or as a set, as well as ten (10) social media sized digital copies.

NINE MONTHS - 1-hour photo session. Receive a custom wall-width, canvas split image or custom wall art that pops out different layers of your image, available on canvas or metal. These are unique, stunning ways to showcase your art. Additionally receive one (1) 16x20" wall art piece, as well as ten (10) social media sized digital copies

RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS - 1-hour photo session. Create a cluster of 3-9 images, utilizing one of our many unique options available. Printed on canvas, wood, or metal. Receive 10-20 social media sized digital copies.


Wall art pieces are available as canvas wraps; fine art, metal, or canvas ImagePops; wood prints; metal prints; or acrylic prints. Additional print products are available a la carte. These packages are a starting point. Print sizing can be adjusted and additional products added, both physical and digital. We work with you to create the package of your dreams. Pampering additions available for moms and child's pampering additions available for little girls.




Ready for some beautiful works of art? To book your session or ask a question, please contact us